Marketing Strategist

Freelance Position. 

Background - 


The Overhear mobile app geotags recordings of local poets and writers to partnering independent and cultural spaces during festivals. 


Our aim is to engage festival goers and direct them to the best independent spaces for food, coffee, drinks and culture whilst also engaging regular visitors to those spaces by encouraging them to listen to local creating pieces specifically about the location they are in. 


Overhear works best when writers and venues develop a relationship and get fully onboard with the ethos of Overhear as a community project.


The Role


Overhear is looking for an individual to work alongside our social media marketing team and with our venues and artists to harness the potential collective reach of all our partners encouraging the relationships between artist, venue, festival and user. Making the most of the excellent content being produced. 


Tasks include


Developing a relationship with artists and venue managers.

Ensuring communication between:


Artist and chosen venue,

Festival and their audience

Venue and their audience  - online and with physical media

Artist and their audience


Encouraging all parties to share appropriate material. 

Encouraging spaces to display appropriate physical media to encourage downloads (posters, flyers, beermats etc.)


Organising Launch events for new projects finding the best venue and time for the majority of partners in the project.

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